Priority Club Member Savings Agreement

L&R Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC can't stress enough the importance of maintaining your home heating and air conditioning equipment.

One of the biggest reasons homeowners tell us they often avoid routine maintenance is the expected high cost of doing so. Due to this fear, many homeowners wait until their equipment fails before calling for service. At this point, not only do they typically pay more for repair or replacement but they also find themselves waiting around on the hottest or coldest day of the year waiting for a service company that is backed up with so many other service calls.

L&R Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC offers a maintenance program unlike no other companies in the area. Sign up for our Priority Club Member Savings Agreement and see the savings and benefits right away.

For only $175/yr., our Priority Club Members get:

  • (2) scheduled cleanings per year (We call you so you don't need to remember)
  • Priority Service (Call us at 9pm on a Saturday night and we are on the way)
  • NO service call charge (Because you're that important to us!)
  • Discounted Repairs
  • (2) year warranty on repairs
  • (1) FREE pound of refrigerant (During scheduled maintenances only)