Stay Cool Knowing Your Home Will Always Be Comfortable

Stay Cool Knowing Your Home Will Always Be Comfortable

Prompt and reliable comprehensive maintenance services in Fort Mill, SC

When your HVAC starts to fail, L&R Heating and Air Conditioning LLC is the best choice for comprehensive repair services. Avoid the need to install a new HVAC unit by scheduling routine maintenance with us. Our experienced and honest contractors will start by diagnosing your system and are licensed and trained to spot and fix minor problems before they turn into costly issues.

A routine maintenance plan will:

  • Extend the life of your unit
  • Keep your home safe
  • Avoid unneeded repairs

We come equipped with the tools needed to fix the most commonly-encountered problems in your home. If a part is needed, or there are multiple problems, we'll work with you to find options that work best for you and your family.

L&R Heating and Air Conditioning, locally owned and operated in Fort Mill, is home to experienced contractors you can trust. Call 803-415-0530 for a free estimate.

Your comfort and savings is our top priority

We focus on delivering superior service and providing you with top-notch customer care. Our company is family-owned and our contractors are well-versed in all HVAC models as well as maintenance and installation techniques. You'll have a trusted HVAC contractor making sure your home is always comfortable when you hire L&R Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact an experienced technician today with any of your heating and cooling issues.

Signing up for the Priority Club Members Savings Agreement from L&R Heating and Air Conditioning, our comprehensive maintenance program, means you'll experience less system break downs. We'll come to your home twice a year to check the components, change the filters, make necessary adjustments and perform needed maintenance.
"If you have an A/C unit that was installed prior to 2010, the unit may contain R-22 refrigerant. The complete phase-out of R22 is fast approaching and depleting stocks have caused the price of this refrigerant to soar.

We understand buying a new air conditioner is not at the top of everyone's Honey-Do List. So if you're looking to get through one more summer, turn to L&R Heating and Conditioning, LLC for the fairest price on R22 refrigerant and other repairs."

For $175, you'll be completely covered for the whole year.

Call our Fort Mill office at 803-415-0530 to start your plan today.